Many of you have expressed an interest in taking your Pi-Star hotspot with you when traveling, camping, or visiting friends.  The easiest way to do this is to take advantage of the “Personal Hotspot” feature on your smart phone.  The “Adding a Pi-Star WiFi Source” instructions should work with your smart phone personal hotspot, a friend or relative’s home WiFi, or even some public or campground WiFi.  There are some public WiFi sources that generate a “challenge screen.” This is commonly encountered with Hotel WiFi systems. I am not aware of a workaround for these. 

In general, if you can see the SSID when you scan following the attached instructions, and know the password, you should be good to go.    Otherwise, the best route is the personal hotspot feature on your smart phone.  In my experience the Pi-Star hotspot uses very little data.  That said, I MAKE NO GUARANTEES ON DATA USAGE!!!!  Ensuring you don’t exceed your plan is YOUR responsibility!


Adding WiFi to your Pi-Star Hotspot 


Ok, now that we’re past the disclaimer part…..have fun! 


ECARC Repeater

145.410 -110.9

ECARC DMR Repeater

441.650 CC9 NTX Repeaters