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Welcome to the...
Ellis County Amateur Radio Club
Current Repeater Status:
2 Meter:
Midlothian 145.410 - (110.9pl) ACTIVE
Waxahachie 145.410 - (162.2pl) INACTIVE
Ennis 145.410 - (131.8pl) ACTIVE
70 CM:
Waxahachie 441.650 + (110.9) INACTIVE

Monthly Net: Every second Thursday of the month - 7:30 PM
Check-in on the 145.410 machines

Monthly Club Meetings: Every third Thursday of the month - 7:30 PM
Ellis County Sheriff's Office Training Center (County Farm)
2272 FM 878, Waxahachie MAP
Talk-in on the 145.410 machines




WINLINK Practice Net

WINLINK is a worldwide radio messaging system that mixes internet technology and
appropriate amateur radio frequency (RF) technologies. The system provides radio
interconnection services including: email with attachments, position reporting, graphic and text weather bulletins, emergency/disaster relief communications, and message relay.
A few months ago when a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) was conducted, one element of that training event was to send and receive WINLINK Peer to Peer messages among three members of the local Ellis County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES); Tom Pegues (AD5DJ), Joe Frizzell (W5JLF) and John Denson (AI6A). Although the required WINLINK messages were eventually exchanged successfully, it took a while and important lessons were learned along the way.
Because WINLINK has the potential for passing text messages among local, national and international ARES stations during an emergency, it was felt that monthly WINLINK practice sessions would be helpful to develop and maintain those skills.
To bring this about implementation of a monthly WINLINK Practice Net is planned. Starting on Thursday, February 5, 2015 the net will be held immediately following the monthly ARES Training Net which is conducted the first Thursday of each month except December starting at 7:00 PM CST. It is planned to use the Ellis County Amateur Radio Club (ECARC) repeater (145.410 MHz, negative offset, 110.9 Hz PL tone yhe Midlothian repeater)) for check in and voice communication and 146.55 MHz simplex for sending and receiving practice WINLINK messages among participants. Net control duties will be assigned on a rotating basis.
All licensed hams are invited to participate in this WINLINK Practice Net. More information about WINLINK can be found at www.winlink.org and at the March ECARC club meeting. If you already have an operational two meter transceiver and PC all that you need additionally to implement WINLINK at your site are RMS Express software (free at www.winlink.org) and a Terminal Node Controller that supports the KISS functionality such as the TNC-X (approximately $100 in kit form), or software emulating a TNC. The TNC-X TNC is felt to be the preferred solution.
For more information contact Tom Pegues at 972-775-3295, Joe Frezzell at 972-723-2316 or John Denson at 972-923-1297.

License Training Class Videos
The Video License Series is the work of John Denson, AI6A, a member of ECARC.  John prepared the curriculum for the Technician and General classes that he teaches and now that same material is available for review at any time.  Links to these videos, hosted on YouTube are can be found here.  Additional information about obtaining your license including links to online practice tests can be found here.

The Ellis County Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce that we have a new affiliation with ARES and SKYWARN as well as a new Emergency Coordinator for Ellis County.  To learn more visit our ARES and SKYWARN section.

ECARC is pleased to announce that we are currently testing an EchoLink node on our repeaters.  The node is listed in EchoLink as KF5AGM-L.  For more information, please see our EchoLink page.

Find ECARC on the Social Network Scene
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ecarcwd5ddh
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ecarcwd5ddh
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ecarcwd5ddh

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ECARC in the News

Click here for a PDF of an article featured in WaxahachieNOW about ECARC

Click here for a PDF of an article featured in Waxahachie Daily Light about ECARC's Field Day

Regular Events
For latest updates on events always check the calendar

Monthly Club Meetings: Held the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.  The meetings are held at the Ellis County Sheriff's Office Training Center(County Farm)
2272 FM 878, Waxahachie
MAP. The meetings include a business session as well as presentations and discussion of Amateur Radio topics. Visitors are welcome.

Monthly Breakfast: Meets the second Saturday of the month at 8:00 am. The location will be sent out via email to all members. Talk-in will be on 145.410. For more information please contact the Planning Chairmen, Justin Lentiz KF5IVJ or Tommy Jackson N5MGM.  Come out and visit with us and our families. Everyone is welcome.

ECARC Monthly Planning Meeting:
Held the second week of the month on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. The location will be emailed to all club members at least two weeks in advance. Talk-in will be on 145.410. For more information please contact the Planning Chairmen, Justin Lentiz KF5IVJ or Tommy Jackson N5MGM.  All club members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Monthly Club Information Net:
The monthly club net is held on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30pm.  The net is an opportunity for everyone to check-in and touch base with each other as well as find out what is coming up in the way of club activities.  The net is held on the 145.410 repeaters and ALL radio amateurs are welcome to check-in.

ARES Training:
The ARES training nets are held the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.  All ARES members are invited as well as any radio amateur interested in participating in ARES activities. The nets all meet on 145.410 repeaters.

New To Ham Radio
Check out our getting started page for some basic information about becoming a Ham as well as resources for getting ready for your exam.

The ECARC VE Team conducts monthly testing sessions on the 4th Tuesday of the month. If you are interested in testing to obtain a license, or to upgrade your license, please contact a member of the VE Team at least a week in advance of the testing session.  Bob Fitch K5ASU


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